Maryam Zare

Professional Fashion Stylist

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Hello and welcome to my corner of interest! Let me introduce myself: I’m Maryam Zare, I was born and raised in Iran and moved to California over 10 Years ago! Upon my arrival, I started going to school and after receiving my bachelor degree in Business Administration/Accounting, I realized it bores me to just work with numbers and I need more excitement in my day to day life! I started working as a beauty advisor for a couple of years! Although I followed my passion to educate people around me on how to feel and look better, I knew there was something missing in my life, and that was a bigger platform to reach people from all around the world, making friends, and learn from one another! Since then, I’ve been thinking to start a blog and pursuit my passion for fashion and beauty! 


After giving birth to my little daughter, Melorin, in January 2018, I came to conclusion that I can’t neglect my dreams anymore! So here I am, ready to take the opportunity to share my thoughts on beauty trends, street style fashion, and everyday life through my platform! This makes me the most excited, inspired, and passionate to let go of “what ifs” and just act toward what I love! On my blog, you’ll find my outfit details, my favorite beauty trends, and also cosmetic and makeup essentials!  and And I’m inviting you to get along with me in this journey and get to know me through this digital world

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